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Life’s a Beach

There’s been a bit more progress with the beach, so here’s some more photos. BeachCam seems to be a bit temperamental – last night its web server was returning a 500 Internal Server Error and it seems to be down today.

Photo of the 'beach' Photo of the 'beach' Photo of the 'beach' Photo of the 'beach' Photo of the 'beach'
The final photo is of BeachCam. Apologies for the poor quality but it’s zoomed around 12 times (3x optical plus the digital zoom). I’ll have more photos tomorrow, or later today if there’s any progress.

One Comment

  1. Hi Neil, happened on your site reading up on XP SP2. Noted a couple of comments on LSASS. Could not see how to post to that thread (closed?) so here we are. The patch needs to be downloaded on another machine as you will be disconnected quite quickly. Another nasty I have experienced locally on the Aust Telstra network is a RPC shutdown as soon as you connect to the net. This is easily fixed by enabling the Windows firewall but took a while to fix the first time.
    Cheers, Rob.