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Amusing places close to you

This is for Brits only, I’m afraid. So if you’re a Brit, head along to Amusing Places Close To You and type in your postcode for a list of amusingly-named places that are near to it (I’m guessing it’s a 25-mile radius). Here’s a list of those near me:

  • Fartown
  • Camp Town
  • Pisser Clough
  • Hole Bottom
  • Beaver Dyke
  • Dick Slack
  • Upperthong
  • Dicken-Dyke
  • Penistone (incidentally my dad’s side of the family is from around there)
  • Shafton Two Gates

Found via Boing Boing.


  1. Penishapentre (map)
    13.1 miles
    Lord Hereford’s Knob (map)
    18.9 miles
    Three Cocks (map)
    19.3 miles
    Booby Dingle (map)
    22.7 miles
    Bullyhole Bottom (map)
    24.9 miles
    Box Bush Farm (map)
    35.0 miles
    Crab Hole (map)
    38.4 miles
    Snatch House (map)
    41.8 miles
    Clitsome Farm (map)
    42.8 miles
    Panty Hill (map)
    47.0 miles

  2. Unusual place names

    Chocolate Farm* ? Claggy Cott ? * Guess where I’m going on our next trip to Wales? If you have a UK postcode you can check the silly place names closest to you. Don’t have a UK postcode? Browse alphabetically.

  3. Amusing Places Close To You

    If you live in Britain type your post code into this site and it will give you a list of amusing places close to you (that’s if you call 35 miles close). Places close to me include: # Bullyhole Bottom

  4. Ah, and now we just wait for the google searches to roll in right?

  5. One place name that is omitted when I punch in my postcode (s63), South Yorkshire is the village of Jump near Barnsley. I thought worthy of a mention.