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You ain’t here to party

With Friday being the last day of term, the union are holding a beach party. Now those of you familiar with Bradford will know that it’s nowhere near the coast, so we’re making do with an artificial one. It’s being ‘constructed’ over the next two days (out of around 80 tonnes of sand), so I took these shots of it.
You can watch the live webcam if you want, but if you want something more static and higher quality, read the extended entry.

Photo of the 'beach' Photo of the 'beach' Photo of the 'beach' Photo of the 'beach'
Click on any of the images to enlarge them. Since I’m doing most of the photography for the union on Thursday and Friday, you can expect more photos as the week progresses (and hopefully there may even be a proper beach tomorrow…). Sadly I won’t be around much for the aftermath, although I’ll try to get a couple in before I leave on Saturday.

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