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SETI@Home progress

I’ve hit the big 500! Today I submitted my 500th work unit, 7 months after I hit 250. Which is better than the 23 months that it took me to do the first 250, but then that’s probably down to this computer being more than 3 times faster at processing units than my last machine.

In any case, now I’ve got another certificate 🙂 .


  1. Not to brag or anything, but I had just over 2000 units before I gave up. I just didn’t really see the point in it after I can’t even remember how long I had been running it.
    Plus, I didn’t get any kind of certificate for reaching 2000. I would think 2000 is a pretty big milestone for a single user to achive.

  2. I’ve tried numerous times to get the Seti thing to work but not luck so far 🙁