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Interesting programs

This morning, I’ve come across a couple of interesting programs that I’d like to share with you.

The first is PDF Creator, which, as you might imagine, lets you create PDFs. Like most, it adds itself as a virtual printer, however, this one is entirely open source and is released under the GPL. Previously I’d been using CutePDF Writer, which works fine but doesn’t give you many options and isn’t open source.

PDF Creator does have plenty of options to configure, and as far as I can tell it’s able to output much smaller PDF files – my CV, for example, is only 15KB when created with PDF Creator, compared to 37KB when created with CutePDF Writer and 60KB with’s built-in export function. What’s even more impressive is that the MS Word version is 26KB, so it’s even smaller than that (although the source file is still only 11KB).

It uses an optimised version of GhostScript, if it interests you.

The other interesting program I found was WebZipExplorer. It’s an unzip tool, but it can read zip files directly from the internet and then only download the files in the archive that you want. So, say there’s a 600MB archive and you only want one 1MB file from it, then you can use this program just to download that 1MB portion and not the whole file. A cool idea, although I haven’t yet had chance to download and run it yet.

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