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The Thursday Thingummy

Richard has contributed a meme, so, naturally, I had to do it. Only just in time though, as it’s 10 minutes to midnight. See also Daisy’s answers

1. Where do you see yourself one year from now?

Panicking as I do my finals.

2. When you were a sweet little child, what did want to be when you grew up?

Either a civil engineer (after my Dad) or a policeman (no idea why). Work experience at an architect put me off the former and I lost interest in the latter once I hit the grand old age of 6.

3. Supposing the world were to be wiped out by an asteroid next Tuesday at around 10:28am GMT (no, I haven’t heard anything, don’t worry), how would you spend the forthcoming weekend?

Do the only one thing I can do – go to the pub. 10:28am would be very nice timing though as I have a coursework demonstration to do at 11am – the end of the world would be quite a good excuse not to turn up.

By the way, I have a new meme lined up for you guys tomorrow, so stay tuned…


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  2. Oh, thank you. I shall have to do it.
    Have you checked out fridayq yet?
    It’s attempting to fill the void that was left my the fridayfive.

  3. It’s tomorrow already, where’s da meme?
    *taps foot impatiently*


    Woot! Thanks to this post on Neil’s World I’ve found a replacement for the Friday Five (I hope). It’s at Anyways, here’s todays FridayQ…

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