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From one bug to another

Update: The bug described in this post has been fixed. Move along. Nothing to see here.
For the past week or so I’d been suffering with a Tabbrowser Extensions bug that meant that paste didn’t work in newly created tabs. This meant that you couldn’t copy a URL from an app, switch to Firefox, press Ctrl+T for a new tab and then Ctrl+V and enter to navigate to the page.
Anyway, a new version was released today which I installed, and the bug is fixed. Only now, popup windows opened by bookmarklets (such as the ‘Post to MT Weblog’ bookmarklet I use for posting entries to Smaller World) are completely disabled – they open, but you can’t click anywhere in them. The only way you can close them is by closing Firefox completely and then killing its task in Task Manager. Bah.
Correction: Any new window opened is disabled.
Oh yeah, and I’ve probably just failed an exam this morning, hence my slightly ratty mood today.


  1. I’ve been finding the popup blocker being really annoying on the bookmarklet as you have to unban the site that you are commenting on as opposed to your own javascript thing. I was wondering how easy it would be to make the comment page appear as a sidebar – that way you could also see the page AND the comment at the same time.

  2. Update again. I just updated to 1.10.2004060401 (just released today), and the author managed to fix this bug.

  3. Sorry to hear that the exam didn’t go so well. If you have failed (and I’m sure you haven’t), can you resit? How will it affect things?

  4. I can resit it if I fail, but the first mark I get is what counts towards my degree. Admittedly the second year is only 30% (the first year doesn’t count for anything) but having bad second-year grades doesn’t set me up well for the third year.