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Cheaper telecommunications

On Monday I posted about getting broadband installed and that we were going for Bulldog. As it is, we’re not now, instead going for PlusNet since it’s £3 a month cheaper and they seem to have a better quality of service too.
As for a phone, we’re looking at Tesco Home Phone – they do a ‘pay as you go’ tariff with no monthly line rental and calls from 1p a minute. Bearing in mind that we all have mobile phones and most of us have free minutes, it’s unlikely that we’ll be making any calls anyway, so it’s likely that we won’t have to pay very much at all for the phone.
Of course, if you guys know anything cheaper, please speak up :).


  1. Thanks for pointing out Tesco Home Phone, that sounds just right for our next house as well. Cheers!

  2. tesco do the best deal if you wanna make calls, you can have an incoming line from BT for………..well nothing i think, thats what we got in our house,
    Griffin internet in derby is cheapest broadband internet we cud find,
    british gas is cheapest for elec n gas, but get em to cum out so the y sell it to u,
    erm u dont av much choice ova water,
    n i wud recommend stikin to normal 5 channels, sky etc just robs u

  3. And if you need to call abroad, use – 1p per minute at anytime to America, Japan, Australia etc etc.
    Why can we have 1p per minute calls internationally, yet not to the other end of the same country?

  4. actually Richard – you CAN have calls to the other end of the country for 1p a minute with telediscount. Have you tried using their service? Sounds pretty good.

  5. Well actually I can offer something cheaper. For just a one off fee of £9.99 you too can have two yoghurt pots and a piece of string. Order now and I’ll throw in an empty pringles can for broadband access.

  6. Richard: I think I can get that cheaper elsewhere, sorry 🙂

  7. You can Neil? Let me know and I’ll start raving about them 🙂

  8. Sorry Richy, I was referring to Richard’s comment about offering me two yoghurt pots and a piece of string for £10 :).

  9. Ah – you mean my offer of two aluminium cans and string for

  10. Tesco’s quite good for home telephone services, but severn trent Plc have decided to offer telecommunications services and do the same offers as Tesco, the £4.99 and £12.99 call plans, but with lots of extra discounts, such as 25% of all calls to mobiles, an automatic 10% of the five numbers that cost you the most each month, one can be a mobile so that 35% you save on the mobile you call the most, one can be an international number as well! I thought it was quite appealing, they’re going round north yorkshire area at the moment to try and spread the word! Reckon they’re one of the best around at the mo though!

  11. Hi,
    With Regards to phone deals.With Tesco home phone you still have to pay line rental to BT. I use mobile more than landline but as the wife wont get rid of the landline. I am now with talk talk from carphone warehouse. All my family & friends are with them. You can talk unlimited day & night for free, the only payment is the line rental to bt plus I have made money by recommending them.