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Time for the Monthly Stats

So, we’re into June now, which means the end of term is in sight – a week on Friday in fact, although before then I have 2 exams (tomorrow and Thursday) and a coursework demonstration (next Tuesday). It also means that May is over, so it’s time to look back at the statistics for that month.

I managed 81 entries last month, which was well up on previous months and back to my ‘usual’ level. I reckon part of that was due to all of the Movable Type 3 controversy, but it’s nice to see that I posted 22 more entries last month than in April. I also posted a number of entries on my WordPress and Blogger test blogs, but I’m not counting those. Visitors were up over 25% to 50 502, making 202 221 page views (up nearly a third). Total hits were also up nearly a third to 385 579 and bandwidth usage just broke the 3GB barrier (but around another a gigabyte was used by various robots).

Traffic peaked on the 4th May with over 150MB being transferred that day; compare that with the 30th when only 71MB was used (less than half). Average usage broke the 100MB mark – 101.26MB to be precise – that’s around a 25% increase on April.

My review of MSN Messenger 6.2 was the most popular entry this month with 5363 hits followed by the ever popular Media Player Classic review which dips to second place with 5048 views. My XP SP2 review came third from last month’s second.

The rest of the top ten is as follows:

The number of Windows users is back up slightly to 73.8%, with Mac users also up 0.5% to 5.4% and Linux users also up to 3.1%. Fewer people used an ‘unknown’ web browser (17.3%) – this includes various aggregators plus people who don’t send user agents. AmigaOS was the least popular OS with just the 1 hit.

IE use dropped a measily 0.1% to 52.7%, but usage of Gecko-based browsers is up nearly 2% to around 23%. Safari managed 2.8% and Opera sent over 1.8%, and Lynx managed a whole 0.4%, with Konqueror sending 0.1% across. AWeb was the least popular with one hit.

Google referrals are now up to 38 120 (20% up on last month), with Yahoo managing 4004 – up over 20%.

As for referers, I was semi-slashdotted a couple of days back (link is in the first comment) – that sent at least 500 people over. Trackbacks posted to this and this paid off, as does a link on the WordPress Wiki.

I’d go through the search terms but there’s not much new there, with the possible exception of ‘Firefox 0.9’ with 645 referals.

Finally, an update on commenters – Quanta has overtaken Richy C and is now the second-most frequent commenter here, with Sian moving up to 10th place.

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