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RSSifying Google results

I don’t tend to read Gizmodo that much anymore, prefering Engadget, but one regular feature that Gizmodo has is “What’s in your gadget bag?”, where various internet celebrities are interviewed about what gadgets they carry around with them. Xeni Jardin was done today, and in the past Cory Doctorow, Anil Dash and Glenn Reynolds have been interviewed.
So, how do I pick these interviews out? By using RSS and the Google API. I used this Movable Type template to get the results of a Google search which would pick out these sorts of articles (they all have a common name) and then output the title and URL. Then, I can just add the resulting RSS feed to my aggregator.
It’s not a perfect solution because there’s some lag between the article being live and Google finding it. I suppose I could have used this Feedster query but there’s a bit too much noise in there for my liking. But as far as I can tell I’m not infringing anyone’s terms of service by doing this.


  1. Wow. I’ve never had anyone go through so much trouble to avoid my writing. Way to go.

  2. Hey Joel! I read both (I think!).
    I like the gadget bag idea, it’s a nice kinda get-to-know-you-in-a-techey-way.
    *runs off to add the supplied feed to bloglines*