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I hate revision

Let it be said now, I am really not enjoying revision. There’s a million and one things I’d rather be doing than cramming my head with facts about public key cryptography, e-commerce strategies, secure electronic transactions, the distributed object model, early standardisation, remote method invocation and various other long words that really should mean something to me but don’t.
But I have an exam tomorrow morning that is 80% of one of my modules, so I don’t exactly have any other options. Bah.


  1. Well the alternative is working 9-5. Personally I’m really looking forward to finishing placement and having an ocasional exam.

  2. Neil,
    I’ve just finished my final exam of the year (about 3 hours ago from time of posting)… although all the hastle involved in cramming and trying to fill your head with useless facts you’ll probably never use again might seem harsh… the feeling of having gotten it all over an done with is pretty cool.
    I have just spend the past 3 hours in the student union catching up on the past 3 weeks events with friends and am truly glad its all over for a couple of months.
    How far are you into your course?
    I’ve got another 2 years to go… my course?
    Multimedia & Website Development (4 year) degree… to be honest, up to know its been really easy… but I expect the next 2 years to be harder for sure.
    Good luck in your exam(s).

  3. Yeah cramming and revision isn’t that fun. but l guess it’s worth it in the end.

  4. Agreed: revision sucks. I’m currently revising trigonometry for my maths A level, its so boring!