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I’m trying to work out what the rationale behind the latest change to the RSS feed for Lockergnome’s RSS and Atom tips channel is. Before, you would get the full text of an entry in HTML. You now get the full text, but in plain text with all the HTML stripped out.
This means that if a site is featured in an entry (and you’d be hard-pressed to find an entry that doesn’t mention another web site), you would have to open the entry’s permalink and then click through from there. This, in my mind, is a big regression in functionality.
What makes the situation even more inexplicable is that all the other feeds offered have HTML bodies, and that this is an RSS channel – by its definition I should be able to subscribe to the RSS feed and use it like the web page.
The only reason I can think of is to possibly encourage people to click on the advertising. In which case, why not put the adverts in the feed itself? Right now, the situation makes the feed somewhat useless.


  1. With Lockergnome, advertising is the key. Chris does nothing without the idea of making money.
    I used to read Lockergnome’s feeds quite a lot, but I really got sick of seeing the advertising in the feeds and newsletters.
    Hopefully, Chris doesn’t dictate the RSS standard.

  2. You should email him and see what he has to say. I’m sure there is a valid *ahem* reason for it.