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Opera 7.5

I’m pleasently surprised by Opera 7.5. The new theme and the re-jigging of the advert banner means that the toolbar takes up much less space at the top of the screen and the the browser feels much less cramped. It also feels more like a Windows app, and the menus feel less cluttered and more logically laid out.
One feature I like is the Navigation Bar. It’s like the link toolbar in Mozilla but includes a ‘Newsfeed’ button – click on that, and up pops an RSS reader view that lets you browse through items in the feed. Cool.
While I still love my Firefox, this is a very nice alternative.

One Comment

  1. It does look better than previous versions. However, the ad banner is a real problem. Not for the space it takes up, but for the flashing ads that get put in there later in usage life. The ads started out quite tame to start with, but after about 2 months of using Opera, they started showing those really annoying flashing and quaking ads that blind you and make you motion sick.
    After that, I vowed never to use Opera again. I will not pay for a program when there are very good alternatives that are free. 🙂