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Interesting robot names

AWStats, as well as listing user agents it recognises, has a list of those that it doesn’t recognise. Most of these are miscellaneous robots (including all manner of aggregation tools), but some are rather more odd. Here’s a few that I’ve had:

Appears to be the crawler for, a search engine that isn’t running yet.
The nicely named RSS Aggregator Without Delusions of Grandeur, which a Python-based aggregator.
Not quite sure what to make of that. Firefox running on CP/M?
Looks like something just burped on my web server.
I’m assuming that’s something to do with an RSS add-in for Thunderbird.
I’m guessing that’s someone messing around with FireSomething. I think.
I think I get the idea…
That’s specific.
Now you’re taking the piss.


  1. >> SpaceBison/0.01_[fu]_(Win67;_X;_ShonenKnife)
    Actually, this is the Proxomitron application. Proxomitron has as one of its options a thing to conceal the user-agent field; this is the default one it uses.
    Proxomitron is an absolutely great program, but it stopped getting developed a while ago. 🙁 Shame.

  2. Oh right, must have overlooked that function. I’ve used Proxomitron before, back when IE was still my default browser, but now that I use Firefox I don’t need it so much since it blocks out a lot of the things that I needed Proxomitron for.

  3. > JpifsbxrjuuucJsmahqexxJgt5
    > Looks like something just burped on my web server.
    Not a burp, some email-harvesting spambots give a random string for user-agent and referer.

  4. One I had last year..
    Psion3-4linedisplay(lite xf)
    That must have looked lovely. Hmm mono..