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Hidden menu on the Sony Ericsson T300

BoingBoing also linked to this article about phone unlocking. My phone has already been unlocked from T-Mobile but the article goes on to mention various ‘hacks’ for phones. A quick Google search dug up one for my phone, a Sony Ericsson T300. When the phone is on the default standby screen, move the paddle to the right, then press *, followed by left, left again, *, left and then *. You get a hidden menu that lets you edit some of the text strings and test features like the backlight and the vibrator. It also tells you what firmware version your phone is using.
I also found this page which has a list of graphical smileys that you can use in messages. There’s also a good FAQ with various tips for people who own that phone.
And like all phones, you can press *#06# to display the phone’s IMEI (serial) number.

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