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“Nobody uses Microsoft anymore”

Chris is having an IE problem, which looks like it’s a regression from a recent IE patch that causes small GIF images to disappear, or something. I haven’t used IE enough lately to be able to experience this myself.

Naturally, the post has attracted comments encouraging a switch to Firefox, but one anonymous comment was on the lines of:

Nobody uses Microsoft anymore. Get yourself a Mac or use Linux.

Riiiight. At least 95% of computers in the world use Windows. I wouldn’t exactly call that “nobody”.


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  2. Here is something interesting…
    I am a web developer. I user “View Source” A LOT!!!
    Ocassionally it will NOT work… Nothing happens. I have to go to IE control and Delete Temporary Files. Fixes it everytime….
    I recently looked at Mozilla. Very cool. Javascript debugger WOW! DOM viewer WOW..