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Looking across the valley

View of the skyline in Bradford
This morning I was doing some more UAF leafleting, this time in Wibsey, a suburb of Bradford at the top of the valley. It offers some excellent views across the city, and, naturally, I had my camera with me. Click on the photo to enlarge it.
The large tower is part of Lister’s Mill in Manningham – the mill is currently being converted into apartments, hence the blue plastic around it. The house I’ll be moving into in July is on one of the terraces towards the right of the photo. Because it was such a clear day you could see over to the moors beyond the city.
incidentally, this was the first proper photo that I’ve taken with my new camera that I got in London in April. It’s supposed to be a birthday present and I probably shouldn’t have used it before Tuesday, but on a nice day like today it’s hard to resist.


  1. Nice picture… is that Saltaire in the background?

  2. I wish! Saltaire is in that general direction but it’s a bit further north than the farthest point on the photo, I’m afraid.