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Smaller world now has categories

I’ve implemented categories on my sideblog, Neil’s Smaller World. In case you were wondering, categories were the mystery feature that I hinted at back in, uh, February. In fact, the feature has been ready since March but I never got around to actually putting anything in place on the public side.
What this means is that all posts (including old ones) are now sorted into categories, and each category has its own page. For example, posts about Apple and Mac OS X go into an Apple page. There’s also one for eBay Auctions, random Flash animations and general sillyness, amongst others.
What’s more, each category has its own Atom feed, so you could get a feed with links to Linux articles, or perhaps news about Microsoft. I’m only offering Atom at present – if you desperately want RSS there are a number of Atom-to-RSS converters out there. I might introduce RSS if there is sufficient demand.


  1. Will you be adding these templates to your templates blog?

  2. Which templates in particular?

  3. How do you get a blog to show in in a side bar – use PHP includes? I tried this once but just couldn’t get it to work :9

  4. Yep, PHP Includes. I believe you can also use MTOtherBlog but I’ve never tried it.

  5. I’ve just realised you don’t allow comments on smaller world. Any reason why? As to paying for zonealarm from CA, you can get it for free from microsoft’s security website.

  6. I just never enabled them, I guess. I could add them if I get free time later, I suppose.