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FeedDemon 1.10 RC4

The latest release candidate of FeedDemon 1.10 is available for download. You may remember that late last year I made a list of features that I wanted FD to have, so I’m going to go through and update you on progress.

Mozilla integration

This has now been implemented, although it’s still a bit of a hack to get working since you have to modify a hidden registry entry. It’s also a little buggy when working with tabs – if you close a tab you get several error messages. But other than that it works fine.

Support for Userland’s BlogChannel RSS namespace

Not added yet. Atom supports this natively by using the <link> element with the rel="related" parameter, so there’s even more reason 🙂 .

Individual feed viewing options

Again, not added yet. But more and more sites I frequent provide Atom feeds with full content so this is less of an issue.

Support for the slash:comments extension

Not yet, but someone could probably add it if they modified one of the XSLT templates. I don’t really know XSLT yet though.

Better error reporting

Not here yet.

Cleanup wizard improvements

Not implemented.

New columns

This release candidate brings a ‘combined date’ column which I requested – it displays the published date if it exists, otherwise the date that the item was received. There’s still no category column though.

Hiding author’s email address

Not implemented.

Atom support

Implemeted, and very useful it is too 😀

So we’re getting there. Still a few more features I’d like though, but on the other hand, all the more reason for there to be a FD 1.20, I suppose.


  1. FeedDemon is probably the best Windows desktop RSS aggregator I’ve used to date with Sharpreader coming a close second. I spend most of my time in Linux these days so haven’t checked either of them out in a long time.
    Between my Linux desktop/laptop at work and my WinXP Linux boxes at home, I finally gave up on having a desktop RSS aggregator as trying to sync them all was a major PITA. This is why I find Bloglines so bloody handy.

  2. I’m still looking for a nice rss reader for my palm, that would be sweet.