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Amazon Wishlist

As I keep casually hinting, it’s my birthday next week, and so here’s my Amazon wishlist. There’s a variety of things on there with a range of prices (cheapest is £5.56). While I hate to beg, I’d be really appreciative if I wake up to find one of those items waiting for me.

Meanwhile, my MT3D review is doing pretty well – 12 hours after posting and it has 4 comments and 8 trackback pings, including pings from Anil Dash’s Daily Links and Geek News Central. Something tells me that entry is going to generate a wee bit of traffic, but keep the pings coming 🙂 .

One Comment

  1. Happy (early) Birthday to ya!
    I’ll have a drink in your honour on Tuesday for Day Two of my birthday celebrations week (mine’s Monday). Now all I hafta do is find someone born on 26 May and every day will have an honourary drinkee!