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Printing multiple pages per sheet

To save on paper, you can print multiple pages on a single sheet – so instead of each page taking up one sheet of A4 you could have two pages side by side on the same sheet.

The trouble is, not all printer drivers let you do this (for example, my Epson driver doesn’t have this ability). However, by chance, I found a way around this that should work on all printers. Here’s how.

First of all, you need to download PDFCreator and install it. You will also need Adobe Reader installed but you’ll probably have that already anyway.
Next, open the document that you want to print. Go to print it, but select ‘PDFCreator’ as the printer. Select ‘Printer Properties’ or ‘Print Setup’ (or anything else that looks similar) and select the ‘Layout’ tab. Change ‘Pages per sheet’ to whatever value you want, although the smaller the value the harder the text will be to read. Alter any other settings and then click ‘OK’.

Now, print the document. You’ll be asked to save a PDF file – save it to your desktop as this is only a temporary file. Once it has been saved, open it in Adobe Reader. Then, print it with your normal printer, and, with a bit of luck, you’ll have multiple pages on each sheet.

Ironically, you can even do this with files that were PDFs to start with – open the original PDF file, print it with the CutePDF driver, then open the new PDF file and print it properly.

Note: When this was originally written in May 2004, I recommended CutePDF Writer. PDFCreator is now recommended as it’s actively developed and more powerful.


  1. How clever! Might just give that a go.

  2. But then each page would be really small!
    Otherwise good idea.