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Fuel Prices

Oh no! A gallon of fuel in some parts of the US may cost more than $2! It’s a catastophe!
Oh please. America has some of the cheapest fuel around. Let’s do some maths. According to this article from Friday, a litre of unleaded petrol in the UK was around 80p. There are about 4.5 litres in a gallon, so 80 * 4.5 = 360, or £3.60.
Today’s pound-to-dollar exchange rate is 1:1.782, so £3.60 works out at $6.42. That’s more than 3 times what you pay. While much of that is government fuel duty, that’s (supposedly) there to discourage people from using their cars and instead use other forms of transport, or buy vehicles with more efficient engines. Kasia has a good post from an American perspective.


  1. 1 US gallon = 3.8 liters
    1 UK (imperial) gallon = 4.54 liters
    There is a little difference, but there is cheaper anyway.

  2. Unfortunately, we do not have a very good public transportation system here in most of the country, so many people have no choice about driving. Where we do have a choice, however, is what we drive. I keep seeing more and more gigantic SUVs on the road which get an average of 20 miles per gallon… 13 if it’s a Hummer! (my motorcycle, on the other hand, gets in excess of 60 miles per gallon). If they were to add a tax and raise gas prices to $6.00 here, I’ll bet they could build a great public transportation system! Of course, there would probably be rioting in the streets and total anarchy if people suddenly couldn’t afford to drive their gas-guzzling autos anymore… apparently, this is a god-given right that’s in the US Constitution or something.

  3. Thanks Luis. That takes a whole dollar off, but still, a US gallon of fuel here therefore costs $5.42, which is still about 3 times more.

  4. Being from Canada, the fuel prices have been the headlines for the past couple weeks. Everybody complains and I’m also tired of hearing about it.
    Right now on the east coast of Canada, gas prices range from 0.88 cents to $1.00 a liter. (I guess thats about $3.78 CND a gallon, or $2.75 USD)
    Gas theft has increased and everybody complains each time it raises 10 cents a litre. (What’s that, $4 a fill up?)

  5. It is bad that American petrol prices have shot up. If it stays at this level they might feel like they have to, say, invade some oil rich country or some thing. And we wouldn’t want that.

  6. yes, baring in mind the dollar is weak compared to the £ too, the dollar is weak for various reasons, but basically, generally its because we better “well off” than yanks thus the dollar been weak at the mo. Therefore it appears cheaper to you, but fuel prices effect the american man with a mediocre job the same as it affects a british man with a mediocre job.
    As i do business i can tell u cert it is a big deal increasing fuel prices, your post is expected to someone who has very little business knowledge.

  7. Hmm, why don’t we just walk or something? Or we can get horses! Or if we must go fast, we can all get cheetahs or something. Maybe elephants for the SUV owners.
    But honestly, I think people should look at public transportation more seriously. I have used the bus for the last 4 years, and I enjoy it. Sure when hobos get on, its less fun, and with crying babies, its even worse, but it is really a good way to get around. It’s too bad that it isn’t more accepted. Just buy a bus pass or something. I wish we had more buses around here. Being on the West Coast of the US, we don’t have anything fancy like subways or spaceships or something…