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How I’m using Movable Type

Not to miss out on the latest meme, here’s a post about how I’m using Movable Type on this site. It was started by this entry on Six Log. Hopefully it will let Six Apart get a better idea about how their products are being used.

This site actually has 5 weblogs in it, although only 3 are public. These three are:

  1. Neil’s World (what you’re reading now) – my main weblog.
  2. Neil’s Smaller World – my sideblog.
  3. Movable Type Templates – I made this into a separate blog as not everyone who reads my main blog will be so interested in the templates, but being able to use a weblog system to update the site makes updating much easier.

Of the two non-public ones, one is a development blog for a group programming project that I’ve been doing as part of my degree. That had 7 authors – one login for each group member; the project is now complete so I’ll be ditching this soon. The other is a test blog which I set up after installing MT3D – it made setting up the new code for Typekey in comments easier. That blog isn’t actually published anywhere, it justs sits in the database.

I do therefore qualify for the Free Edition without any problems. I also get a $20 discount off the Personal Edition should I wish to upgrade to that, but I don’t have £29 lying around to make up the difference. It would be nice if donations were still encouraged for the free edition in return for a key, since I’m sure some people will want to contribute a few pennies, but wouldn’t be able to afford the full product, which will be $100 once the introductory offer ends.

Another suggestion is having a cheaper license which doesn’t have any support or access to fee-based services, but does have the extra features. It’s been suggested at a similar post on and if such a package existed I’d probably go for that.

Still, if the full version of MT3 does have lots of good new features, I might consider paying. I hope that many of the cool features Typepad has will make it over to MT; certainly the license changes seem to suggest that Six Apart doesn’t want you to create your own Typepad-style site with loads of authors and weblogs without giving them something back in return. That’s my interpretation, anyway.

As for expansion, I do intend to add another weblog to this site for something that I’m planning in the near future, however I may simply convert the test blog into that.


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  3. Hi Neil. I appreciate your site. It’s a great resource. By any chance could you find a way to post your Comments Preview, Error templates? I’m doing something wrong on a blog I’m setting up, and it has to do with integrating the Typekey service.

  4. It’s pretty common for people new to weblogging to embrace the simplicity of publishing, and crave it in the rest of their tools. Once you start blogging and the pain of FTP and hand HTML coding is gone, many people start wishing their blogging tools could handle other pages on their site, but virtually none of them do out of the box.