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102% complete?

Screenshot of the Mozilla at 102% progress Mozilla 1.7 RC2 is out, so I downloaded it to have a quick peek. Because I’m on dial-up and don’t need the DOM Inspector or Debugger, I tend to opt for the Net installer.

I’m unsure whether I’ve noticed this before, but the download progress got to 100%, and then kept on going. There was still data to download. I took this screenshot at 102% (click on it to view it full size), but I think it reached 103. Very odd.

It’s quite an old bug too, reported in September 2002 as Bug 169460 – view the attachments to see screenshots of it at 113 and 223%. But then again, I’m sure there are a lot more bugs out there which require fixing before this one does.


  1. It could be a problem with the webserver itself, rather than the client. Before sending responses to requests, web servers typically send a Content-Length header indicating to the client how many bytes it’s sending, which is how browsers know how big the file is before having received all of it.
    When sending files back to the client, the Content-Length header is more advisory than anything else – if the server sends an incorrect Content-Length header and then sends more data than expected, the browser will just continue accepting data, and will display things like that.
    So it might not be a bug in the browser itself, it could be a bug in the webserver.
    (Of course, after reading the bug link you gave, it seems that it might be using the sizes given in the file itself rather than the ones from the server, but I’m leaving this in anyway because it could be it too…)

  2. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.
    Mozilla Dev’s give 102%. And it all goes to your Hard Drive.