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Most Prolific Commenters

I did an SQL query to find out who comments here the most. It’s possible to do this through a plugin but there’s nothing like being a bit more hardcore once in a while. Here’s the top 10:

  1. Andy (136)
  2. Richy C. (80)
  3. Quanta (75)
  4. Kim (72)
  5. Chris (63)
  6. Jake Ortman (48)
  7. Richard (41)
  8. Chris Burkhardt (39)
  9. troworld (31)
  10. Harry (19)

This is done based on email addresses, which seems to the most accurate ranking method (although I did have to update a few old addresses). I couldn’t use names since there seems to be at least 4 Daves and several Andys.

It’s also possible to get a top 10 of the most prolific trackbackers:

  1. Richy’s Random Ramblings (28)
  2. (15)
  3. (13)
  4. Please don’t eat me! (9)
  5. Absoblogginlutely (9)
  6. Diaphanus @ Webdiva (7)
  7. Nothing but me (7)
  8. Stupid Evil Bastard (5)
  9. (5)
  10. A Secular Perspective (4)

So, now you know what to aim for if you want to be in this list in future 🙂


  1. Woo I’m on the trackback list, but only because my trackback system seems to ping sites twice for some odd reason 😀

  2. Actually, all 7 were unique. Before I updated to MT3D, I had a hack which blocked duplicate trackbacks. Unfortunately I don’t know how to apply that to MT3D.
    Thankfully, MT3D does make it a lot easier to manage comments and trackbacks, and is one reason why I wouldn’t want to go back to MT2.6.

  3. Hoorah for me 😉
    You can probably tell how many pc’s i use by the number of email address’s there are for me. Unfortunately i can never quite remember what email address I use – thats the drawback with having unique email address’s per blog.

  4. /me starts trackback spamming to keep his lead 😉

  5. I’m so chuffed I managed to actually trackback someone, I normally get 500 error.

  6. Well, I best comment more often. 🙂

  7. Woo, I’m in a Top 10 list 🙂

  8. Wow, I am on the top ten for both list!
    So, my cheque is in the mail? 🙂

  9. Disturbing, or why I need to press the x more

    These disturbing posts where found over at Neil’s World (now with the imp supported MT3-somethinganother). Firstly this one, in which…

  10. I just need another 20 trackbacks to take the lead there (hitting Neil’s search engine).

  11. Still quite a bit of pinging to go! I must go through some of your older entries.