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BCS has a re-design

Back in October, I ranted about how bad the BCS website was. So you’ll be pleased to know that there’s been a re-design which does address some of my criticisms.
Firstly, frames are, at long last, gone – though the layout is still table-driven and not controlled by CSS. Thankfully, stylesheets do take care of most of the formatting so there’s less of a tag soup situation.
Validation is still an issue, that could be solved if the <meta> tags were actually in the <head> section and not afterwards. But then, it looks like some MS tool was used to create the page (they didn’t even bother to remove the Generator meta tag) so that’s not hugely surprising. Most of the other errors are down to not escaping ampersands in URLs. Oddly, the BCS have chosen the obsolete HTML 4.0 for their pages, rather than 4.01 or anything with ‘X’ in its title.
Accessability is improved – the home page seemed usable in Lynx anyway.
All in all, it’s a step in the right direction. But really, I’d expect an organisation like the BCS to lead the way when it comes to standards, not lag behind.

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