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Typekey Enabled

If you have a TypeKey identity, you can now use it here. Shoehorning the new commenting code into my existing templates took rather more effort than I’d like – at first, I used this Six Apart guide but it didn’t work, even after copying the entire block and pasting it in over what I had. To make the issue more tricky, the Default Templates on haven’t been updated to MT3, so the only way I could get a default template was to create a new weblog and then copy and paste from that.
I’ve made a few stylistic adjustments but the comments and trackbacks will look ugly for a few days until I get time to fix them. It’s fast approaching 11pm and I’m one tired little student, so I’m not going to be doing anything more tonight.
I’m not going to stop people who haven’t got Typekey identities from commenting any time soon – I’ve done this largely for convinience on the part of those who may perhaps prefer to use the service. Similarly, Typekey users will not get preferential treatment. I do currently require an email address from Typekey users, since I sometimes like to be able to respond to commenters. I’m open to changing this situation however.
Oh, and apologies for anyone who tried to comment on or ping the site earlier on and got an Internal Server Error in return – that was my fault. Sorry.


  1. Are you sure it is worth the effort moving to MT 3?

  2. I’ve done exactly the same thing. I think it has worked out well.
    Had the same template problems – they don’t make it easy do they!?

  3. Not the Only One

    Neil also had some fun with typekey…

  4. I’ve been thinking about it. Typekey’s disclaimer states that we will never be charged to post any comments. OK. But it doesn’t say a word about charging to make it available in someone’s blog. After that MT3.0 affair, I’m not very confident.

  5. This will be my last comment in your blog, since you are TypeKey enabled. Goodbye.

  6. I’m not sure about the whole typekey thing either…

  7. Edward: Moving to MT3 isn’t too difficult. Upgrading is quite quick and I’ll update my public templates soon for MT3. It’s just not quite so smooth as it could be right now.
    Ben: I know Typekey is unpopular with many people, but I’m not inflicting it on anyone.

  8. Damn, I was going to create something like typekey for my final year project – I didn’t know it already existed. Oh well, have to do some more thinking.

  9. I love the new comment features in MT3.0D (haven’t really worked out how to get jiggy with trackbacks yet), but I’m having awful trouble with Typekey authorisation. Can you try posting on my blog with a typekey ID?

  10. Neil I’ve gone down the same route as you. I’ve requested an E-mail and Name and also allowed Typekey users to post immediately to my blog. Reasons for doing this is that I like to be able to contact comment posters (although there is no guarantee that the E-mail will be a working one), but I didn’t want to prevent non typekey users from getting involved.
    I will only implement the typekey only solution if spammers become a problem. Spammers have increased but I found it very manageable with the new comments interface, plus I’ve noticed that I only get one E-mail per person instead of a multitude of seperate ones.

  11. Upgrading to MT 3 was fairly straightforward for me, and I like the way you can bulk delete spam comments. I also found it annoying that the templates on the MT help site haven’t been updated to let people who don’t have the time or the know-how to easily put Typekey coding into their comments templates. I found some code buried deep in the MT3 FAQ, but it didn’t work.

  12. Good point.