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Another morning, another shift

The MT3DE rollercoaster refuses to stop. Firstly, I suggest you head over to Six Log and read The Movable Type 3.0 FAQ. There has been a lot of clarifications, and some backpeddling with regards to the restrictions, such as:

  • The removal of the single CPU restriction in the license
  • Users of the Personal Edition can have up to 5 authors instead of 3
  • There’s an add-on package for Personal Edition which adds one more author and one more user for $10. You can buy multiple packages for more weblogs and authors.
  • ‘Weblog’ now seems to apply to ‘sites’, in that, apparently, my main blog, sideblog and templates blog would now count as one weblog. Therefore, I’d still have two spare under the free license.

The latter restriction seems to suggest that Six Apart don’t want you setting up weblog communinities (such as or LonghornBlogs) without paying a license fee, and really they aren’t going after Joe Weblogger who just likes to have different parts of his site in different weblogs. That’s good, and does address most of my concerns.

It also looks like Six Apart have sent an email out, either to all donators or to everyone who registered for the beta test (I fall into both), admitting they could have handled the situation better. I was also told that:

As a thanks for your work and interest, you’ll be getting a significant discount on Movable Type 3.0.

Details are apparently on the way next week. Interesting. I also need to retract my earlier comment about donations – I donated $20 and therefore do qualify a discount. I thought I’d donated less than that, hence my rant.

Jay Allen, as ever, has a good analysis of the announecment. Meanwhile, Mark Pilgrim has switched to WordPress and explains why.

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