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Alternative blogging systems

So while I’m sticking it out with MT3 for now, I’m also seriously considering WordPress, and to that end, I’ve set up a test blog called Neil’s Wor(l)dpress (what else?) which I’ll have a play around with. It’s certainly a very nice system, and very simple to install, but perhaps not quite so easy to use as Movable Type is once it’s running. I’d put that down to the sheer number of options and tabs that are there, but then that does give it the upside that it is highly configurable.
Migration from Movable Type is very easy, thanks to a nice import script. I may well switch my MT template blog over to WordPress (the irony… ) to see how I get on with it. Of course, then I’d have to make my templates WordPress-compatible, which will take a little doing.
My host does offer WordPress, along with b2, b2evolution, Nucleus, Drupal and pMachine through Fantastico, an auto-installer for various web scripts, but it only has version 1.0.1 – I went ahead and downloaded 1.2 release candidate 1. Which seems to work fine.
I also have my Blogger Test Blog, and it’s likely that my templates will be available for that platform too before long. Arguably sooner, actually, as it seems that Blogger’s template format is a little easier to develop for than that of WordPress, and therefore should require less work.
I am considering a redesign of the templates section though – it’s getting rather cluttered and more templates isn’t going to do it any good.

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