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Yes, I know

I’m going to give MT 3.0 Developer Edition a whirl. Since WordPress won’t do what I want just yet (run multple blogs on one installation) I’ll hold out for a bit.
Things may be a little funky around here for a bit. Hang in there. Once it’s running, I’ll do a review and try to ignore the licensing aspect of it.
Update: Installed. Everything seems to be working fine, including all my plugins (with the exception of MT-Blacklist).


  1. And here’s a test comment.

  2. Shock! Gasp!
    Some screen shots?
    By the way…You *can* install multible blogs with wordpress this ( linke has more.

  3. Thanks Ben, that’s really useful. Still seems like a bit of a hack though.

  4. Yeah, but it’s nice to know ‘just in case’.

  5. I like the new interface on MT3.0D

  6. OOOOO look, a little person next to my name!

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  8. What do you do about comment spam then? Moderate all comments without a typekey?

  9. I currently have no moderation in place, so at the moment I’m deleting spam after it happens. It’s alright at the moment – I don’t get that much and comments are closed on the majority of entries (I close comments on all entries older than 2 months for security). However, Jay Allen is about to start beta testing MT-Blacklist 2, which is MT3 compatible.