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Six Apart needs an FAQ writer

Jay has a good, albeit somewhat speculutive entry about MT3DE which, having read, does make me feel a little better about the whole situation. What annoys me slightly, however, is that this kind of entry is coming from a weblogger and not Six Apart themselves.

Remember the furore over TypePad when it was announced? The blogosphere was full of fear, uncertainty and doubt for a week or so before Six Apart uploaded an FAQ which answered people’s questions. In which case, I’d have expected 6A to have taken that on board and ensured that there was something official (and easily accessible) which fully explained the situation. As it is, we’ve had some vague promotional hype which has been scattered about and and that’s lead to all manner of rumours appearing.

While I’m talking about, has anyone else found it more difficult to find information since it was redesigned? It was never the most easy-to-use site before but I had to jump through hoops to find some information that I was after earlier. I’m also not too happy about how easy is to get around either.

Although my initial rage is mellowing slightly, like Les I still think that the new restrictions on the number of authors and weblogs are a Very Bad Thing. While these restrictions aren’t hardcoded (and yes, I have checked myself), I’m still against the principle.

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