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Or maybe not…

There’s nothing hard coded. I just downloaded the new version and my install with half a dozen authors and a couple dozen blogs works fine just as it did. The licenses are all on the honor system.

That’s a quote from this rather active MeFi thread about MT3 Licensing. So if I did upgrade, I wouldn’t be in such a bad position. But still, WordPress is looking like a much nicer concept, though any move will have to wait until the bulk of my exams are other since the transition will probably take quite a while (including setting up redirects and whatnot).

In any case, if I do, this entry has some handy links to help me.

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  1. I found wordpress to be very easy to customise. It does a lot of things that I would normally frown upon (overuse of globals, functions for everything) but these are what make it so easy to use. Everything is accessible and adding new functions doesn’t mean having to learn how the rest of the system works. I was even able to hook into their own authentication for my feedonfeeds aggregator without breaking a sweat. Highly recommended.