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Livin’ in an house, a very small house

After almost giving up and defaulting to halls fo the third year, I finally managed to get together and get a house sorted for next year. I’ll be living with a couple of friends off my course in a small terraced house on Fieldhead Street, which is just next to a small trading estate behind the university’s science park. It’s also near Haqs, a large, award-winning Asian supermarket, which will be handy – I’ve been there before and as well as being really cheap they sell all manner of specialist Asian food which is normally not so easy to get hold of.
The house is very small, although there is a kitchen, lounge and three bedrooms all in there. The rent for me is £33 per week plus bills (which will be an extra £6 or so).
Halls are fine, and are quite convinient in your second year since they’re quiet and handy, but after two years in them I’ve started to get somewhat annoyed by some aspects of living there and would like somewhere to spread my wings a bit more. It also gives me somewhere to live over the summer as I’m intent on getting a job around here to top up my bank balance for next year. The only downside is that the contract starts on July 1st, whereas I think halls kick-out is in the middle of June, so there’ll be about two weeks where I’ll have to either take all my belongings home or store them somewhere intermittently.
In any case, the prospect of having cable on a large TV with non-sucky reception and broadband internet is a nice one.

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  1. What sort of specialist Asian food can you get?