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Don’t like it? Don’t visit it

(Warning: this is a late-night rant and may or may not make sense)
Ryan’s got a good rant about people who say his site is … erm … not very good. Sometimes, I wonder whether people think that there’s a limit to the number of web sites that can exist on the internet, and therefore those that aren’t as good or popular as others need trashing out of existence to free up space, or something.
The internet is of an infinite size, and can accommodate many, many more sites. For some – eh, why not – For many, this site is probably boring and uninteresting, yet some people actually do read stuff on here and find it useful. Same with Ryan, I presume.
Just because you don’t find it interesting, it doesn’t mean you have to bitch and whine about. Go somewhere else.
By the way, I really don’t appreciate it when people compare my mother to a prostitute. Comments like that are deleted on sight.


  1. >>Don’t like it? Don’t visit it
    Funny how easy a concept that is, and yet its so hard for some to figure out.

  2. I agree, there is no need for those comments.
    Some people…