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Feeding more atom

I’ve spent the morning altering my category feeds. In summary the changes are as follows:

  • Category RSS feeds are now located at /feeds/rss/[foo].xml. There are 301 redirects to point to the new location, but I know some aggregators (*cough* Bloglines *cough*) aren’t so good at updating their links, so if you’re subscribing to one of those, please make changes. Same goes for the people subscribing to and, which have been redirecting for months.
  • Category Atom feeds are here! They’re now the default since the majority of aggregators either support Atom already or will do very soon. If you must use RSS then never fear as I won’t be getting rid of them any time soon. But…
  • Category RSS feeds now only contain summaries, not full posts. If you want the full post, switch to Atom.

As far as I can tell, the only major use of the category feeds is on Henrik Gemal’s BlogUpdates Page, which only uses summaries anyway.

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