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Bloody hell!

When I said yesterday on Smaller World that Blogger was having a redesign, I didn’t expect this.

Crikey. More from Phil and Evan. Background to the new design is on the StopDesign Weblog.


  1. Standards compliance and validation are two different things, although if you have one it’s often not hard to acheive the other.

  2. I disagree – you can’t be standards compliant if you don’t validate as by definition you are not complying with the standard. 🙂

  3. This is in the StopDesign article:

    For instance, those who know my style and promotion of web standards may immediately try to validate the home page. I

  4. If the markup doesn’t validate, then it isn’t compliant. That’s what validation is… testing for compliance.

  5. And the other one

    I was playing around with the New Blogger templates and such (via Neil) and found this sample entry headline: Treas…

  6. I like the new design. Stylish.

  7. Its cheating. Those blogger users get l33t styled blogs designed by all my current web design heros. /stamps feet. Its too hip 🙂

  8. As a Blogger user, I think it’s cool. 🙂
    Now, I can’t wait for Trackback and more powerful comment managing.

  9. Sure it’s all looking rather nice – but the comments require you to register otherwise you are anonymous. Not a major problem though – did Blogger not think that people would just start signing their comments like emails?

    Richard Kirkcaldy