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Browser switch campaign

With Windows XP SP2 being delayed until the autumn, I have decided to encourage visitors to this site to consider switching away from IE and moving to a better browser. Now, if you use IE and pull up the home page, you’ll see the message below:

Upgrade your browser!

You’re using Internet Explorer, which lacks features that many modern browsers have, such as

  • Blocking annoying pop-up ads
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Protection from adware and spyware
  • Support for the latest web standards

Try Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari and see what you’re missing!

It’s shown using JavaScript (so it only annoys IE users), and if you want to add it to your own site, download this file and paste it on to your site. Modify it as you wish. Let’s get together and encourage people to adopt better browsers.


  1. Camino is good but not many people have Macs (so I didn’t want too many mac browsers there) and I already have a Mozilla-based browser there.

  2. Browser switch campaign

    There’s some new content on the blog’s main index page, exclusively for those viewing it in Internet Explorer. Lucky you. Not for everyone else, as that’d be preaching to the converted, but I’ll explain anyway. Following the lead of Neil…

  3. You could make this really cool and sniff for Safari, Mozilla flavors, etc as well. Ya know, congraduate people for their geekery!

  4. Hmmm, interesting idea… 🙂

  5. i’m not sure if you read comments on your old posts, but at the moment, i am getting the “upgrade your browser” message when using Opera 7.5. Is there any way around that, if I have Opera set to identify as MSIE 6.0?

  6. and how do I get Mozilla running on Pocket PC?