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In a university that has around 10,000 machines, you’d think that we’d have a good patching policy. But no.
The Sasser worm has taken out the vast majority of machines in the university, with the computer centre being completely shut because none of the computer work (and preumably as a damnage limitation exercise and/or so that the computers can be patched). The only computers that are working are those in our department which dual-boot to Linux and the computers in the magazine office, which I patched myself a couple of weeks back.
All this when many people have to hand in their dissertations on Friday and when I myself have coursework in on Friday, plus three assignments in next week. Consequently I, and probably several thousand other students, are not happy bunnies. Grrrrr.


  1. Why Sasser Means I Get To See More Of My Wife

    Thanks to Sasser, I had the unexpected pleasure of an additional couple of hours of Mrs Timzilla’s company last night after the systems at her Large And Important Place Of Work were borked, and everyone went home early. You’d think…

  2. Youch. Do you have at least OpenOffice installed on any of the Linux boxes? Sorry to hear about the news. However, could any of those machines been vulnerable to the problems that happen on Windows 2000 machines when the patch gets installed?;EN-US;841382
    Many of my comrades in other corps could not install the patch because they would introduce this problem into the mix which was unnacceptable. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place!

  3. Which computer centre were you in??? I’ve been down there all evening and it’s been pretty busy, but no problems – other than the stink bomb in the gents toilet.

  4. Dave: That may well have been it. We do have OpenOffice on our Linux machines, but they’re only available to a couple of departments (mine and the one next door), not to the university as a whole.
    Richard: It was shut at around 2pm – there was even a sign on the door of the library saying so. I noticed that sign has been taken down so obviously they’ve fixed them.

  5. I have had no problems. I gloated a little when I saw that the student had been arrested today, after all the chaos.
    Us win 98 users have had no problems of course. I let you lot beta test these new technlogies.
    I also want to know what a ping is, but I’m going to look at the manual trackback form.

  6. our U. got hit by the sasser variants too, it sucks.