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A quick joke

This is a quick joke that wasn’t forwarded to my by a female friend of mine, but was forwarded to someone else who read it out to me. You’ll see why. Here’s roughly how it goes:

A guy was involved in a serious car crash and suffered head injuries. At the hospital, his family were waiting outside the operating theatre, when a doctor comes out with the bad news.

“I’m afraid your son’s head is so badly damaged that he’s going to need a brain transplant”, the doctor said. “We don’t offer this on the NHS but we can fit a second-hand one for a fee. £15,000 for a male brain, or £400 for a female brain.”

The mother asked “Why does the female brain cost so much less than the male one?” to which the doctor replied “Because the female brain has been used far more than the male one.”

And with that, I bid thee goodnight.

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