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The Input Type Crash bug

This time last year there was a big hoo-hah about a bug in all versions of IE which meant that any web page that included the line of code <input type crash> would crash the browser (here’s a test page and a post from Mark Pilgrim about it).
Well, it appears that one year on MS have actually fixed the bug – I tried it in IE6 SP2 and it worked okay. I don’t have SP1 to hand so I can’t verify it on a pre-SP2 system.


  1. Cool! Sophos actually detects it as a trojan, and nothng bad happens. Running on IE6, win2k sp4 – firebird obviously has no problems, and sophos doesn’t detect anything.
    I might try it on a few machines tomorrow to test their antivirus – this is better then Eicar!

  2. I tried this before viewing the comments and nothing happened when I looked at the page in ie. However when I then went to view-source, Symantec picked it up as a trojan horse and wouldn’t let me view it. i can load the page in firefox and then view the source though.