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Thunderbird 0.6

Screenshot of the Thunderbird Setup program The world’s best consumer email client (probably) has been updated to version 0.6 – get yourself a copy.
It’s funny how this is being released before Mozilla 1.7, but I’m guessing the Mozilla Foundation felt that it was better to stagger the releases of products, after what happened last time. Then, you could barely download anything because the mirrors were full to capacity, and many Mozilla-related sites were effectively DoSed by the sheer number of people visiting them.
For more information, view the release notes. The major improvements for this release include new artwork, a new theme for Mac OS X to match in with the new Firefox theme, a new, improved junk mail detection algorithm and an installer for Windows users (pictured, click on the screenshot to see it full size). There’s also improved rendering and IMAP performance, and the usual raft of bug fixes.


  1. Well it’s broken my RSS reader, Newsgroup reading seems a little buggy, and the spam training needed resetting, and the icon has changed.
    But on the plus side I do like the status icon in the top right.

  2. I still don’t get the whole point of using Thunderbird and Firefox or however it is called.
    I use Mozilla and it seems to work gorgeusly. For example, the faq on the Firefox’s web pages “What’s the difference between Firefox and Mozilla? doesn’t seem to be of any help. Yes, Firefox is (not that much however, IMHO) lighter, stand-alone browser, so it is preferrable to use if you already have an e-mail client. But, couldn’t they just put in Mozilla installation “install e-mail client” as a choice?
    Really, I don’t see any major reason for developing other suites than Mozilla, if not just for a marketing (in open-source?) issue.