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Something cheap on Amazon?

Guys, I need your help. I want to buy something that costs £24.99 on Amazon, but don’t want to pay for next day delivery, which is £2.75. If I spend £25, I get free super-saver delivery, so, what I’m asking is:

Do you guys know anything on Amazon UK that is less than £2.75?

I’m not bothered what it is precisely, although it’d be nice if it was something useful. The cheaper the better, too. Thanks for anyone who can help.


  1. Or, alternatively, if you want to go slightly over your budget, you could get a used version of the same address book for

  2. Even cheaper – Six Kitten Postcards only 56p. But hurry, there’s only one left in stock at Amazon. The cards will be useful too – the description at Amazon says they’re “perfect for brief messages”.

  3. You could get a used 3.5″ IDE cable for 49p.

  4.’s forums have threads just like this for “filler” items — things like the $.29 paper clips at Office Max (US store, I know) for example), but I’m pretty sure they have an Amazon thread. If I weren’t at work I’d look for it for you 🙂

  5. There must be cheap second hand book or somesuch for that amount.

  6. wouldn’t selling the secondhand addressbook be against the data protection act as I’m guessing they would be selling people’s personal information 😉

  7. I’m assuming the extra value was because there were some juicy addresses in there 🙂
    I went for the first-hand address book in the end. I couldn’t buy anything second-hand as the entire order had to come from their warehouse. For some reason Amazon wouldn’t let me buy the kitten postcards.