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This can’t be right

I managed to get sunburn on my arms today. That can’t be right.
Admittedly it isn’t bad sunburn (just a bit red, not hurting or peeling) but considering this is early May and in Bradford of all places, there has to be something up. Global warming, perhaps?
In any case, hopefully it’ll be nice again tomorrow, when, like the rest of the country, I get an extra day off for the May Day Bank Holiday. Unfortunately I’m probably going to be chained to the computer again doing coursework, since I didn’t manage to do any today…
Oh yeah, and my team managed to come second in the weekly pub quiz. Which is good – the team that came first was Bradford’s University Challenge team, so you’d like to think that they could do better than us. Anyway, I have a couple more bottles of Reef to devour at some point, which is always nice.

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  1. Hmph, the rest of the country bar me gets the day off, we still have school! 🙁