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Lister Park

This morning I helped do some leafleting for the UAF (United Against Fascism)to help their campaign to encourage people to vote against the BNP (British National Party) in the elections in June. It was a really nice day with not a cloud in the sky – very odd for a bank holiday weekend – and afterwards we headed off to Lister Park for a drink.

Lister Park The park is run by the council as an inner-city recreational area, and has a huge adventure playground, a small lake with paddle boats and a cafe. As it was such a nice day, it was very busy. It’s hard to believe that this is right in the middle of Bradford and only a stone’s throw from Manningham which is a very run-down area.

Cartwright Hall The park is also home to Cartwright Hall, an art gallery which was built by mill owner Samuel Cunliffe Lister 100 years ago and given to the city – Lister Park was named after him. The building, again owned by the council, has been kept in very good condition and sits proudly on a high point in the park. It’s open to the public but we didn’t go in.

Alhambra Theatre This isn’t in Lister Park but was where we met (at 9:45am!). The Alhambra Theatre is a really nice building in my opinion; it’s just a pity that some of the buildings around it aren’t quite so nice.

Unfortunately I managed to break the sunglasses I bought only two weeks ago – a small nut which held them together seems to have worked loose and fallen off, so they’re now useless. I’d take them back but there isn’t a proper Next in Bradford and I don’t have the receipt. Still, I have last year’s which after a bit of twiddling and a good clean are still usable.


  1. Do you do political work?
    I’m tniking that United Against Fascism sounds kinda hardcore.. Almost like the stuff i do myself 😉 Well, very left-wing that is.
    Anyways, I like your blag a lot and I read it almost every day.
    -Niels, from denmark

  2. I’m not really that politically active, but I do have a reasoned hatred of the far right and was asked to do this. I’d like to think that by doing this leafleting, we might convince people that voting for another party that can take a more diplomatic approach is better for British citizens.
    The BNP have yet to get a strong foothold in Bradford so hopefully we can stop them before they infect the local government.

  3. Heh “infect” very nice metaphor.