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Monthly stats time

April went far too quickly for my liking. These past two weeks have seen my life travelling at very high speed, and I can’t see it slowing down for a few weeks yet.
But anyway, since it’s now May (pinch and a punch for the first of the month and all that), here’s April’s stats. It was another low entries month – 59 in total, but then I have been busy and haven’t had much to blog about. Visitors were down slightly to 39 877, making 147 191 page views. Total hits were down to 264 984 – a drop of 24 000. Bandwith usage was also slightly down, cutting in at 2.33 GB.
Traffic has been quite steady all month, although there was a slight peak on the 14th April. I’m not entirely sure what caused it though. Average daily usage is down a bit to 79MB/day.
Media Player Classic regains its crown as the most popular entry – it was also the most popular in January and February. Last month’s most popular, MSN Typo, isn’t in the top ten, which is as follows:

  1. Media Player Classic (5547)
  2. XP Service Pack 2 Review (2455)
  3. Woah, like serious traffic man (1910)
  5. Firefox Screenshots (1759)
  6. Winamp 2.9 Beta (1295)
  7. Ogg Vorbis in iTunes (1199)
  8. Habeas being exploited (1171)
  9. My Firefox Extensions (1035)
  10. Create your own South Park character (942)

None of those entries were added in April, so obviously I haven’t been posting anything interesting or controversial this month. An April post did make it to 14th place though.
The proportion of Windows users dropped again, to 72.6%, with Mac OS X up very slightly to 4.7% and Linux down very slightly to 2.6%. Almost 20% are using an ‘unknown’ OS however, so it may just be that AWStats isn’t picking up some newer user agents. FreeBSD still accounts for 0.2% of users, and there’s a reasonable contingent of Irix, OS/2 and Sun Solaris users out there. CP/M was the least popular OS with 2 hits.
Unsuprisingly MSIE leads the browser chart, but it’s back down to 52.8%. Usage of Gecko-based browsers is now at 20.8% (that’s including Netscape 6+). Safari and Opera sent over 2 and 1.7% respectively, and Konqueror managed 0.1%.
Google referals are down a little to 30 950, but Yahoo put on a better performance than last month and managed 2866. Just under a quarter of people arrive here by way of a search engine.
‘0x81000378’ was last month’s most popular query but this month it’s nowhere to be seen, being replaced by ‘winamp 2.9’. ‘failed to initialize common updater subsystem’ managed an impressive 280 referrals though. There were 181 hits for ‘random things’, 25 for ‘baggy trousers’, and 17 for ‘the application-specific permission settings do not grant local activation permission for the com server application with clsid’. Other interesting terms were ‘things that are annoying’, ‘longest penis in the world’, ‘silly names’, ‘d3580208-d4e1-46d4-876c-b45a328af25a’, ‘wahey’, ‘student food’, ‘words to the song lets make a better world’, ‘most common name in the world’, ‘god kills a domo kun’, ‘zzzzzzzzzz’, ‘meddling kids’ and ‘stupid poll’.

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