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You’re having a laugh…

The latest version of iTunes for Windows is 20MB. 20MB! For a media player!

Seriously, iTunes comes across to me as somewhat bloated. Why does QuickTime have to be included? I can download QuickTime without iTunes, why not vice-versa? Why do I have to install support for CD writing when I don’t have a CD writer? Why do I have to install support for an iPod when I don’t have an iPod? Why is this so huge when Winamp5, with many of these features, comes in at just 4.20MB?

As regular readers will know I do tend to take a critical line with regards to Apple but that’s mostly because in my experience Apples aren’t that much better than PCs – what you gain in stability and looks you lose in spare cash and program compatibility. There’s also Apple’s talent for inexplicably incrementing prices for non-US consumers, and the fact that, in my experience, a lot of Apple users are incredibly arrogant.

But I’m not exactly a Microsoft lover either. I want Apple to do well and to give Microsoft a run for its money, in the same way that I want Linspire and the various Linux distributors to do so as well. Part of the reason why I complain so much is because maybe – just maybe – an Apple employee is reading this, and can take on this as constructive criticism for making better and more competitive products.

I will say this now: if I had the money, I would probably buy myself a Powerbook. iBooks look interesting but I’d probably need something more powerful. But the fact is, I don’t have the money.

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