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Once again, there’s no Friday Five this week (should be back next week apparently), so this is a meme I found by way of Ryan. It’s a little bit political so I’ve stuck it in an extended entry – feel free to skip over it if you don’t want to read that kind of thing.

A woman should have the right to choose what is right for her.
Death Penalty?:
Opposed to it in all situations. Mostly because in the past this country has had several cases where people have been sentenced to death for crimes they didn’t commit. Thankfully that can’t happen now.
Same answer to the first one. I think we should adopt a system like the Netherlands has – permit it in specific areas and ensure that it is regulated and not forcing exploited immigrant minors into it.
Yes please.
Shouldn’t be illegal but should be regulated in the same way as tobacco. People should also be made aware of the long-term health problems regular use can cause.
Other drugs?:
Would never take them. Dealers should be tracked down and locked up, users should be encouraged off them and everyone else should be warned of the dangers.
Gay marriage?:
Nothing wrong with it. Should be legalised.
Illegal immigrants?:
Perhaps shouldn’t be welcomed with open arms but should be allowed to stay and given jobs. We have a shortage of basic unskilled jobs in this country and it helps to create a more multi-cultural society.
I think more bars and pubs should have properly ventilated no smoking areas. I wouldn’t do it myself but some of my friends do smoke and I don’t have a serious problem with that. More could be done to encourage smokers to give up.
Drunk driving?:
Silly and dangerous. Get a taxi.
Unsure. Stem cell research looks promising for providing new cures for diseases though.
I don’t have time for racists. While a lot of people may have prejudices there’s no excuse for acting them out.
Premarital sex?:
No problem with it. Like all sex it should be done responsably though.
Not for me, but I respect other people’s beliefs.
The war in Iraq?:
Didn’t need to happen and now the coalition has made a right old balls-up of it. France was right to be sceptical.
Seems like a nice guy, pity he’s an misguided, incompetent moron.
Downloading music?:
Necessary evil. I don’t want to do it but a lot of music I want simply isn’t available legally here. And if it is it’s overpriced. Music download services need to improve by having less protection, bigger catalogues and lower prices.
The legal drinking age?:
18. At 18 you’re legally an adult and therefore old enough to make your own decisions.
Not really for me, but nothing wrong with it as long as it’s being made legally.
I’ve not got a problem with suicide or euthanasia as long as it’s a very last resort. Suicidal people really should consider counselling first.

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