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Photograph of some daffodils
While my digital camera isn’t the best in the world, it does have a good macro mode, and this picture demonstrates it quite well I think. We still have a few daffodils out around campus (these were on the lawn next to my halls) but most of them are dying now, bar this one. Click on it to enlarge.
I took a few more photos today that I might put up later. However, now that Have I Got News For You has finished (which I spent the entire duration wanting to slap Robert Kilroy-Silk around a bit with a large trout) I’m off out to the union.


  1. It’s amazing what a few photo enhancement effects can do, even with a bad camera. I recently experimented with the macro mode on my camera too…

  2. y u hate robert kilroy silk?
    i fort the episode was quite funny, and even kilroy was at times even tho chat show hosts piss me off wat du u have against him?

  3. I find his views to be highly misguided and not far of bare-faced bigotry. He didn’t need to go into as much detail about that article as he did, he could have pretty much passed it off and helped to rebuild his image. As it was, he did nothing to improve my opinion of him.

  4. I think he was just standing by his views like any other opinion based human being would, at least he was not affected by some of the ass holes in this country that think any comment that is out of the “english” culture is racist. the big babies.

  5. What on earth? In a comment on an item about digital photography and daffodils, someone (aka “me”) has not only gone off on a complete tangent about Robert Kilroy Silk, but used a word that, in the English language, can only be regarded as “swearing” – in direct contravention of “Posting of Comments Rule Number 1”. Well, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to show that poster (aka “me”) that you are not to be trifled with and ban them in accordance with your stated remedies? Have you the courage to stand up for what’s right, Neil? Well have you? Because a lot of people would turn away from what they know to be their moral duty when faced with a situation like this, Neil. But the question is: will you? Come on! Let’s see what you are made of!

  6. I wouldn’t regard what was said as being swearing, personally. I was thinking more of the f-word, the s-word, the c-word and so on. Being ‘pissed off’ is not swearing in my books.

  7. That’s well answered, Neil, but I feel there’s still an unanswered question here. In your Terms and Conditions you refer to “…words that, in the English langauge, are regarded as swearing.” However your answer indicates a more personal judgement: “I wouldn’t regard … personally … in my books.” So are there absolute criteria that words must fulfil to be “regarded as swearing”, or is it a subjective, “eye of the beholder” thing?

  8. You make a fair point. I have updated the terms to clarify that comments which contain what I consider to be swearing are prohibited.
    So anyway, about these daffodils… 🙂