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You mean to say it isn’t blue?

This has to be a departure for me, as I’ve just issued an update to the IcyBlue template (which this site uses) that attaches 3 extra stylesheets, allowing you to select your own colour schemes. So, now you’re no longer stuck with blue, a colour I’ve been using here for the best part of 9 months now. I’ve seen a few sites that have started using this new template and while I’m flattered, it starts to get a bit boring after seeing yet another site looking exactly the same. So, there are now a total of 4 colour schemes available, with the possibility of more should I ever get around to it.
Sorry for the lack of updates around here, but I’m incredibly busy at the moment. I had a very long and difficult assignment in today, along with a rather large programming assignment and another piece of coursework in tomorrow, so I’ve been working my little socks off lately. Coupled with the multitude of meetings I’ve had to attend this week (my sixth is tonight), and you see why I haven’t had time to post anything.


  1. Thanks tons, my site is now orange 🙂

  2. Rethinking Commitment

    Yes, I’ve been flirting with WordPress. I admit it, but Hoo Boy is it ever nice! I will be posting to both a lot, drop me a line and tell me which page you prefer. Oh, and everything’s orange….