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MSN Messenger 6.2

Scoble announced that MSN Messenger was available, so I went to download it. Note that you will need IE to download it – the link on the Messenger site wouldn’t work in Firefox. It’s a little over 5MB to download, which is a little smaller than in the past, thankfully.
Screenshot of the MSN installer trying to annoy me The first annoyance appeared before I’d installed it. You may remember my review of MSN Messenger 6.0, where I complained that there was a ‘recommended’ option to set MSN as my home page. Well, now, MSN wants to be my default home page, my default search engine, and wants me to install the MSN Toolbar too (see full size screenshot). The latter two are enabled by default – how many people will ignore this and find that their browser suddenly looks and works differently? Worse, this puts Messenger only a couple of steps above browser hijackers – a real shame considering how much work the Internet Explorer team has put into limiting the damage that hijackers can cause.
Screenshot of the MSN installer trying to annoy me But anyway, new features. The first is instantly noticable if you have friends who aren’t online but have MSN Mobile accounts, because they now appear as online in a yucky yellow colour with a mobile symbol. This is probably a good idea as I hide my offline contacts, so it means I can send messages to those people more easily.
If you don’t like it, there’s a new menu option that lets you group mobile contacts together, so they go into a separate group which you can also hide.
The second new feature is ‘Fun & Games’ in the conversation windows. I think this used to be ‘launch site’ but it’s now been replaced with something more meaningful. Unfortunately, I’m writing this at around 10am when most of my buddies are either in lectures or still asleep, therefore I had no opportunity to test this out.
While this is only a minor update, the new features are nice additions. No doubt you will get bugged into updating so you might as well. But watch out for the ‘MSN wants to take over your browser’ screen when you install it.


  1. Hmm – it downloaded for me in Firefox. I didn’t use the UK site, though. Wacky.

  2. My kids used Messenger, till it decided not to let them on unless I updated to the latest version about a week ago.
    We have trillian installed now.

  3. I heard that you can use animated display pictures on msn messenger 6.2. Is this true?

  4. wen iz msn 6.2 availible??? cos i want it!!!

  5. Is there anyway to hide offline contacts but still sort contacts by groups?

  6. doh figured this out seconds later. Option for “group offline contacts together”. Dope!